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Postcards & Flyers

Postcards & Flyers

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Print Palace offers a versatile range of postcards and flyers, available in various sizes to suit all your promotional and communication needs. Whether for direct mail campaigns, event promotions, or informational handouts, our postcards and flyers are designed to capture attention and convey your message effectively.

  • Postcards:

    • 4x6" Postcards

      This is the most standard size for postcards and is particularly popular for direct mail campaigns, promotional handouts, and event invitations. The compact size makes it cost-effective for mass mailing. It's large enough to include essential information and eye-catching graphics but small enough to be convenient for recipients to keep.
    • 5x7" Postcards

      Slightly larger than the standard size, 5x7 postcards offer more space for your message and visuals. They are ideal for more detailed designs or when you want your message to stand out more in the mail. This size is often used for special event invitations, such as weddings or large corporate events, and for marketing materials that require a bit more visual impact and content space.
    • 6x9" Postcards

      These are larger and more noticeable, making them great for high-impact marketing campaigns. The extra space is perfect for including more detailed information, larger images, or multiple offers. They work well for product launches, detailed service offerings, or as mini-catalogs showcasing multiple products or services.
    • 8.5x5.5" Postcards: This size is unique due to its landscape orientation, which can be an eye-catching alternative to the more common portrait-oriented postcard sizes. The wider format is suitable for panoramic images, detailed infographics, or when you want to present content in a more narrative or sequential layout. They're great for educational or instructional content, event schedules, or menus.
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